December Dates

As we rapidly approach December and are immersed in the holiday season, we recognize that this time of year we choose to spend time with those we love.  Whether you’re single and dating, in a happy relationship or in the process of making decisions about your current relationship, what can you do to make the most of this season?

1-create space for your relationship.  Set aside time each week, if not each day, to spend with your partner.  It will help you get through the busy season and encourage you to work on your relationship at a time that you would typically brush off issues yet some of the biggest issues are raised.

2-try new things.  There are tons of great experiences available in the holiday season, so get curious and try something new.  You never know what a new experience will reveal about each other or your relationship.

3-pick date activities.  While being accommodating can be good for a relationship at times, it’s important to not lose yourself in the relationship.  Each of you picking an activity will allow you to assert your independence and have fun too.

4-24 days of love.  Christmas is the perfect time to remember why you love each other.  Show or tell each other in a little (or big) way each day up to Christmas what you love about the other person.

5-visit your roots.  The holidays are all about family, so take time to learn about each other’s past and the people who have made them into who they are.  You can visit a graveyard, church where parents were married, school where you grew up or your favorite hideaway as a kid.

What do you do to make holidays special as part of your relationship?

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