Gifting the Business Owner

With the holidays upon us, I thought it would be fun to share some ideas for what to get the business owner in your life.

1-a gift card to a marketing site.  You know they’ve been thinking about new business cards, so why not give them some money
towards those cards?

2-tchotchkes that work well in their office.  Every office, whether it’s in home or office building, or is part of a business
like a restaurant or office supply store, can use a personal touch.  Shop Etsy and other handmade sites and shops to spread a
little cheer.

3-clothing store gift card. No, you’re not telling your friend that they dress poorly, you’re simply acknowledging the fact
that they need to look good to do their job.

4-new customers.  For something different, give your business owner friend some new customers!  You’re not just referring
people to them but pre-buying some services or giving them a gift card to your friend’s business.

5-technology.  Just about all businesses work with technology.  Gift them something that is essential but they may not
have been wiling to purchase like a new computer, camera, program or piece to upgrade current technology they have.

6-a break.  Offer to watch their kids or give them a massage gift card.  Give them a chance to remember that they’re more than their

7-education.  All business owners need to be learning new things.  Give them a class taught locally that would be
beneficial or even a strategy session with a mentor or local coach.

What great ideas do you have for gifts for the business owner?


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