Fresh Families for 2013

This year we’ll be taking a look at some things that are important for families.  Things like:

Heart: family should be all about support and love.  Yet so many families aren’t able to learn to love or at least acknowledge each other.  It’s not easy to love your family members 24/7, they’re chosen for you, you don’t get much choice in the matter of who. But you do have a choice in how you treat each other, and I believe that we should treat each other in ways that are loving, or at least kind.

Health: our relationship with food and exercise begins at home.  If we raise our kids to respect and enjoy food, and not overeat or eat bad stuff all the time, as well as get out and enjoy nature and physical fitness, we’re going a long way to helping raise kids who will become health-conscious adults.

Relationships:  we’ll talk about both the parent-child relationship as well as relationships between couples and friends.  Relationships are what make the world go ’round and give us a sense of balance, hope and help as we go through the challenges of life.  But a relationship is more than just saying I love you, there’s lots to do to make each relationship we care about a success, and it’s important to get rid of the ones that are hurting us or holding us back too.

Responsibility: I believe this is one of the most crucial aspects missing in family life (as well as personal life and work too) today.  If we all acted a little more responsibly the world would be a better place, and we’d have better lives too.

Thankfulness: I know I’m thankful to be here for another year, time after the Mayan prophesy has passed.  It’s a gift that some people didn’t anticipate we’d have, but a gift nonetheless.  I plan to spend my year being more thankful for what I do have and the opportunities that come my way.

What do you think are important for families this year?

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