Clear Success

As a business owner there’s a lot of things people may judge you on when they’re considering working with or buying from you: like your website, how you look, if you smell funny, if you have an accent, if you talk loud, if you’re short with them, and if you’re pushy, just to name a few.  I’ve been judged based on those things, I’m sure you have too.  What’s the key to getting people over that judgement?  One key is being clear on who you are and how you can help them.  Your confusion or lack of clarity will just add to their checklist of things you may have done wrong, and their decision to not work with you.  Today I’ll address 3 important things about clear success in your business.

First, know who you are and what you do!  This one stumps a mind-boggling amount of people I meet.  I’m amazed at how many people don’t really know what they do, or can’t put it in words that their prospects will understand.  If this is you, stop working on the rest of whatever you’re doing, and get this straight.  Be able to explain concisely in a few words, as well as in about a paragraph, who you are and why they should care.  You need to have both the brief and the longer explanation so that if they want to know more based on your tidbit, you’re ready to go.  If you can’t put it into words I strongly suggest you book a session with a business coach to get clear.

Second, most aspects of your business should reflect who you are and what you do.  This is known as your brand.  As someone who helps businesses get a fresh perspective and new lease on life, I try to present as insightful and educated, yet calm and hopeful.  I’m not a crash and burn, destruction everywhere type person (think Gordon Ramsey), and I try to reflect that in my business.  Your brand is evident everywhere online and in any store location(s) as well as who you are and how you present yourself verbally and physically when you meet with people.

Third, keep refining.  Your clarity may take a while to truly appear.  Many business owners go through several transformations before they find the brand they feel most confident with.  Which is really the point of having clarity about who you are and what you do: you know you’re good at what you do, you believe in what you do, and your clarity or lack thereof will be what makes or breaks other people’s confidence in you.

Share your clear business statements in the comments below!

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