Romance and Relationships

Ah yes, the month of love!  If you’re looking to liven up your relationship, here are a few ideas.

Create a romance jar: this is a mason jar with ideas that you both contribute of things that you would like to try or talk about trying.  These are both in-the-bedroom and out-in-the-real-world ideas; some PG, some not PG.  Try to come up with about 20 ideas each, and always add more!

Treat of the week: each week bring home a little treat for each other.  Maybe it’s their favorite snack, maybe it’s making their favorite dinner, maybe it’s flowers, or maybe it’s a back massage.  Try to come up with different things each week.  It’s just a little way to say “I love you” and “I’m thinking about you.”

Kindness of the week: each week do something that the other person wouldn’t expect, like bring home dinner, take out the trash or do one of their chores for them, just because.

Date night: Yes, I’m a big fan of date nights.  I know that you can create some romance after the kids are asleep at home, but it’s important to get out once in a while too.  You can check out a few date nights ideas here.

Romance fund: I know that money is the first excuse you will use to get out of being romantic or doing date nights.  So create a romance fund, maybe a jar in the kitchen where you drop all your spare change, money you budget into your spending each month, or an actual bank account where you deposit some money each month.

What are your romantic ideas, and how do you make time and money for each other?  Share your ideas in the comments!

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