The Kindness of Business

This week the world recognizes Random Acts of Kindness.  Today I’ll be sharing some thoughts related to business, on Friday I’ll share some related to family and relationships.

So the big question you’re probably asking is where does kindness come into play in the cutthroat world of corporations?  Kindness is more than just mushy feelings, it’s an attitude and way of being that can make a big difference on your bottom line.

The first way kindness can present itself is in the person-to-person relationships, such as boss-employee and employee-customer.   The interactions that happen between these groups of people are absolutely key to the success or failure of your business.  Rarely do you have a product or service so fantastic that the people they deal with don’t matter to the customer.  Almost every customer you speak to will say they would prefer to be treated with respect, honesty and politeness, if not kindness and cheerfulness.

If your employees and the bosses of the company are treating each other well and treat their customers with respect and genuine appreciation for their spending choices, the customer is much more likely to come back.  Even if the product or service is good, some customers won’t come back because of unethical or ridiculous treatment and relationship of bosses and their employees.

The second way kindness can present itself in your business is in the little surprises and blessings you send the way of your customer.  Things like discounts for bringing your own bags, a little sample in your package of another product, free products or services (buy 10 get 1 free), or free refills during your visit.  These are things that are considered above and beyond the call of duty for a business.  These are things that make customers take notice and feel special.  They’re little ways you can show customers they matter to you.

So this week I encourage you to have something in place that will show your customers that you care about them, and share your ideas in the comments!

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