Kind Families

This week we’re joining in the celebration of Random Acts of Kindness.  Today I’ve got 10, yes just 10, things you can do as a family or as a couple to be kind to others.

1-donate unused books to the library.  Libraries love when you share gently used books with them. It means they don’t have to buy as many books and if they don’t want to add the books you donated to their circulation, they usually sell them to raise money for books they do want to buy.

2-do yardwork for an elderly neighbor.  It’s easy to pick up a couple extra sticks or offer to get the clippers out to help cut back some things that are overgrown. If you don’t have a yard and live in an apartment building, taking out the trash is another option.

3-visit an animal shelter. If your kids have been begging you for a pet and you just can’t afford one or aren’t allowed to have one (allergies, apartment rules etc.) most animal shelters would love to have you stop by for an afternoon to play with the animals.

4-share food.  It’s not expensive to pick up a can or two extra when you’re at the supermarket or cook a simple pasta meal for a family in need.  It’s also something the whole family can get involved in and excited about.

5-do something without being asked.  Everyone I know loves a surprise, like coming into a room and seeing all the toys picked up or the vacuum run without being asked!

6-help a coworker or fellow student.  Everyone has someone in their life that needs a little extra help.  Maybe there’s a big project the kids have for school and there’s a family who just lost a job, invite their kids over to do the project together with your kids, and provide the supplies.  Of course there’s always that coworker who has some project they just can’t get done, and would really appreciate if you spent an hour of your time helping them figure it out.

7-conserve energy.  This isn’t something that technically directly benefits your family (although your wallet should appreciate it), it actually shows kindness to the earth.  Turn off those lights, unplug those laptops, don’t leave the TV on when you leave the room.

8-watch your words. When you’re kind to others, they’ll be kind to you!

9-leave a generous tip.  When you’re out at a restaurant and the kids have had one of “those days” leave an extra nice tip for your server to show you appreciate them not kicking you out.

10-volunteer at a food bank or shelter.  It will give you a chance to do something good for someone else and feel good about yourself at the same time!

What are your favorite kind things to do?

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