Dr. Seuss on Your Relationship

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
Dr. Seuss

For many couples who are struggling in their relationship, this is the first question they need to figure out: do you actually care enough about your relationship to give the effort to make it work?  Do you actually care enough about the other person to work through, or get past, their issues, insecurities, failures, mistakes, bad habits, and less-than-loveable moments in favor of the possibilities?  I hope that you do!  If you do care, here are a few insights to help you with the not-so-good goings on.

1-pick your battles.  You can’t win every one, so you need to know what your 3-5 most important things that you really don’t want to compromise too much on.

2-you probably can’t change them.  Your efforts to get them to change could take years, if you get them to change at all.  And they won’t change if they don’t really care about you or don’t understand the benefit of changing.

3-you may be what’s not so good in the relationship.  Yes, the harsh truth is that you may need just as much work as your partner!  That’s OK, you can work on improving and growing together.

4-show them you care!  There are little things, as well as big things, that you can and should do to show your partner that they matter to you.  These things can be the encouragement they need to stay invested in the relationship and continue to work with you through the challenges and changes.

When we all care about each other a little more, oh the places we can go!

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