What does Success mean to you?

This month one of the things we’ll be talking about is success.  Success is something that just about everyone wants to have but many of us struggle with how to get there or what it really means.

The first thing we need to know is that success is different for everyone.  You may think success is having 1 billion in sales a year, someone else will think success is making just enough money for their bills and a little extra for savings and only working 20 hours a week.  Someone will think success is getting all your kids into an Ivy League college, someone else will think success is raising kids who are loving and supportive of their fellow humans.  Point being that just about everyone has a different definition of success.  One I particularly like is from Darren Hardy of Success Magazine:

“We see success as more than rank, fame, fortune and material goods. A successful person, by our definition, is one who has achieved five pillars of excellence: business, well-being, relationships, wealth and contribution. We call this “whole-life success,” and one who has achieved it has attained a life of significance.”

So what is success really?

I think success can’t be in just one area of your life, as Darren Hardy points out.  I think that success is at the end of the day you being able to say you did your absolute best, tried your hardest, communicated clearly, accomplished your reasonable objectives (if not more), and still have time to relax or be with family and friends without being stressed out.  I think success is more of a quality than a quantity.  Unfortunately in our society so much is measured by numbers and metrics that it’s hard to avoid that.  So to that end, I would say that the quantity success needs to include on the business end, you paying all your bills, paying down your (reasonable) debt, being able to pay your employees, giving to charities, investing in the future of your business, and some left over for emergencies.  For individuals and families it would include paying your bills, paying down your (reasonable) debt, investing in your future/retirement, having a reasonable weekly/monthly cash fund for food and activities, giving to charities and some left over for emergencies.

Which brings us to the question, what does success mean to you?

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