Family Success Foundations

As I mentioned on Wednesday, this month we’re going to talk a bit about success.  Today I thought we’d discuss three things that can help make your family and your relationship a success.

First, communication.  I may sound like a broken record, but so many people don’t communicate well!  They are either scared to tell the truth, don’t know how to express it without the other person freaking out, or just don’t bother.  If you want a hope of finding success, communication is key.  Fortunately, it’s super easy to communicate in this day and age of technology.  You can Facebook, Tweet, email, text, skype, chat or call them, not to mention the more traditional methods of physically writing a brief note saying you’ll be late for dinner or talking to them face to face!

Second, love. I’m not suggesting you don’t love the people in your family (although you may not), what I’m suggesting is that you don’t know how to show them you love them in a way that resonates loudly with them.  For example, you could shower me with gifts and I’d not feel the love; money doesn’t make me feel loved.  Some kids like to go out for an ice cream with their favorite parent and just talk about the latest kid TV craze, or spend an hour laying on the couch together watching a show or staying up an extra 15 minutes just to read with you.   You need to spend time together and ask them what will help them know that you love them beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Finally, work together.  No family or relationship can be successful if one person is pulling all the weight and work.  It’s just not possible.  They’ll self-destruct and leave the family with a big mess to clean up and no real understanding of what needs to be done.  That’s one reason it’s important for everyone to have chores and take responsibility in cleaning up the house and food preparation.  Also, if you’re working together you’re spending time together and supporting each other.  Without frequently acknowledging the support and knowing the other members of your family are there for you, you’ll be less likely to communicate with them and less likely to know how to express your love in a way that means a lot to them.

So what do you do to help make your family relationships a success, and what makes your family work well together?

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