Nutrition Notes

Although we’re wrapping it up in a few days, March is National Nutrition Month.  For families it’s a chance to evaluate what’s being served and kept at hands reach.  Today I’ve got a few of my favorite tips and ideas for you.

Visit Farmers Markets:  these gatherings of people with fresh, local foods are a great chance to not only support local growers and eat healthier foods, it’s also a chance for your kids to see some variety.  Even if you don’t buy that strange looking vegetable, it’s a chance for your kids to learn about what else is out there.

Make sure you’re getting fiber: fiber comes from the stuff we avoid the most, stuff like whole grains, green veggies and other fruits and vegetables.  Beans, bran, oatmeal, broccoli, and nuts are a few high-fiber foods you can add to your diet.

Eat a variety of proteins, including seafood: variety is important in your diet.  Eating the same thing every night won’t give you the benefits that the other proteins have, and are necessary to keep your body functioning right.

Eat more stuff that actually has substance: we’ve gotten used to all the stuff that tastes good but isn’t really good for us (aka junk food).  The biggest trick to eating food with substance is actually buying stuff with substance.  If you don’t have the junk food in the house, you’re much less likely to eat it!

Don’t stress, be smart: in today’s world there’s only so much you can do in a day.  I believe in balance and doing your best.  If you eat healthy meals and healthy snacks it’s OK to have a cookie a day or chocolate covered somethings.  If you raise your kids not having any access to the junk food and not-so-healthy stuff they’ll sneak it when they know you’re not looking, so it’s better to limit access, not eliminate access.

Healthy eating isn’t about depriving yourself of the “good stuff” it’s about opening up to the options that will actually be good for you, not just taste good.  And it’s something the whole family can, and should do together!  What do you do to eat healthier in your family?

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