Stressed by Success I

We’ve finally reached a new month and hopefully the miracle of spring.  This month one of the things we’ll be focusing on is health and being healthy.  The thing that I never cease to be amazed by is how many people and businesses are essentially unhealthy yet they manage to function.  You’ve witnessed lots of significantly overweight people, significantly over budget businesses, very sick people because of the choices they made in life, or businesses not coming close to clearing expenses.  These businesses and people, with the exception of significantly overweight people, may be hiding their symptoms and the truth about their status, but deep down they know whether they’re healthy or not.  Maybe they’ve just lost control, or maybe they were never very healthy to begin with.  Whatever the situation, there is hope!   Today we’re beginning with some tips for helping the people behind the businesses get back on track, next week we’ll come back with part 2 with tips for businesses.

Pay attention to your body: We’ve gotten good at ignoring our bodies and what they try to tell us.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to meditate for hours to be able to listen to your body.  You’re probably familiar with that gut feeling, as well as the signal that you’re hungry.  Both of these are signals that indicate your body wants to tell you something.  Other signals could include leg cramps, headaches, and stomach troubles.  These could indicate you’re not eating the right stuff to support your very busy schedule, or you’re not getting enough exercise to keep your body in shape.

Feed your brain: your brain is very important to running your business (and life) successfully.  You need to be reading educational books ans articles about your industry, business and leadership.  It’s also great to listen to audios and podcasts on your ride to work, and attend seminars that will help you improve your business and stay current. It’s equally, if not more, important to limit your exposure to negative news, bad TV and people who always discourage you.

Enjoy life: a big key to success and dealing with stress is making sure you have some measure of variety in your life.  If you’re spending all your time on business, you probably are missing out on living and loving.  It’s important to get outdoors and get fresh air, laugh with friends and family, and build relationships that support you and make you feel good.  Adding these activities and pursuits that may seem frivolous are actually very important to your health and ability to put the energy and passion that’s necessary back into your business.

Without you your business would not be as successful as with you.  So making sure you’re healthy means you’ll be able to fully support your business and your life is very important.  What do you do to support yourself?


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