It Begins with You

Neale Donald Walsch said “that love is the center and the core of everything, and that Self is the place where all love must begin”

I believe that our relationships and families would all drastically improve if we stopped hiding and started standing up.  Some of us have to take responsibility, others of us have to let go and make others take responsibility, but most of us have to learn how to really love.

Yes, the family unit was created to raise children and provide stability in the community, but much more important, it was created to teach, share and spread love.  It’s usually where our first glimpses of love are had, and most lasting impressions of what love is are created.

But if we actually want to dream about a world where the horrific events of Boston don’t happen as often, loving ourselves and each other is part of the answer.  Of course, it’s not that simple in most cases, we don’t just love someone, we have to learn to love them.  No, love isn’t the whole answer, but it is part of the answer to fixing relationships, and even the world.

So if you were to take on the challenge of learning to love better, what would it require?

First, it would require you acting on the fact that the type of love you need may not be the type of love that is what someone else needs.  Maybe love is your partner making your favorite dinner, but to them, love is sitting on the couch together watching TV or a movie every night.  If you think that everyone things love is a bunch of flowers or long night in the bedroom, you’re wrong.  Those are important in every relationship, but may not be what makes your partner feel loved.

Second, know that kids are easily swayed by money and gifts, but would rather have your time and attention.  I’ve been with countless kids who know their parents are ignoring them.  Actually set aside that phone for a time each day and just be with your kids (I suggest you leave the phone in another room so you’re not tempted).  Make it a point to do special things with them and have special parent-kid time individually with your kids.

If we all made it a point to show and tell others that we loved them, everyone would feel more appreciated, more recognized and slowly but surely, the world would become a better place.


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