First Things First

Today we’re wrapping up our look this month at ways you can become a world class business owner.  I know it’s challenging to be even a good business owner with all the people and situations that could tear you down, but I believe it’s possible.  It all starts with you being confident in who you are, what you sell and the results you give people.  There will always be opposition, but you can’t expect to please everyone.   Today, to wrap up, we’re talking about some of the things that should be core within your business, and even your life.

You may not be able to fix everything, but you can effect one person at a time.   It may not be possible for you to be as big as the Beatles or Elvis, but you can make your impact one person at a time.  I’m not trying to discourage your big dreams, big dreams are important to have, they help you keep moving forward and focused.  But what I’m saying is that you should take your vision one person (or business) at a time.  Focus your energy 100% on that client, not on the other things going on around or the millions of people you aren’t helping.

Stop being busy, start being productive.  There’s difference between being busy and actually getting something done.  It’s one thing to spend 20 minutes a day on social media for your business, it’s another thing to spend hours and hours just poking around the internet and social media.  Go do what you need to get done, don’t be busy for busy’s sake.

Words are life and death.  Some of your most powerful and most harmful tools come right out of your mouth.  Use words that inspire, direct and focus, not words that victimize people and treat them as less than the valuable and important human being they are.  There’s always a way to communicate something in a way that doesn’t sting like a jellyfish.

Your attitude makes or breaks you.  If you can’t smile occasionally, have fun and laugh, you’re not in the right business.  You’ve got to enjoy what you do for the most part.  You probably started your business because you enjoyed something about what you do, if you’ve lost heart, it’s time to reevaluate.  People want to do business with happy people, not miserable ones.

This week I encourage you to get focused in your business on doing what you can to make the world a better place.  You can change the world, but you have to get started to make that change happen.

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