Business Relationship Basics

This month our theme is on relationships.  It’s a big topic and certainly one that affects every area of our lives.  Throughout the month we’ll be talking about some different aspects of relationships and business on Wednesdays, and help make your relationships in business, and out, more successful.  Today though, I want to just touch on a couple of topics that will immediately make your relationships (and business as a result) more successful if you tap into them.

Communication: this is one of the biggest keys to life. If you communicate the wrong thing or if you don’t communicate at all you’ll always struggle in your relationships.  Communication is about more than just the words that come out of your mouth, it includes the way you present yourself physically, how you treat people and the ways you act.  Often the most telling communication for people is what isn’t said or done.  What’s missing can be just as big of a deal breaker as what is there.

Leaders have relationships: if you truly want to be a leader in business, you have to get good at having relationships.  Yes, sometimes it is about who you know and your connections.  But often you can get just as far by knowing how to connect with people honestly and authentically.  Those who distance themselves from people (especially their “subordinates”) are missing out on a big opportunity to strengthen and develop the company.

Success: the relationships you do or don’t build will be the success or downfall of your company.  Whether we’re talking about social media, sales pitches, product quality, employee turnover, or just business longevity, the relationships you choose to make have direct impact on your bottom line.  Make relationships with people only concerned about the size of their paycheck, and you’re missing out on amazing opportunities to make more than just money.

Success comes in degrees, as do relationships.  Not all relationships need to be best friend type relationships.  There should only be a handful of those relationships in your life.  But your ability to get along with people, connect with them, make them feel special and needed, and give them a place and purpose in life and in your company, or connected with your company, will have much better, more lasting results than if you try to make as much money as quickly as you can.  Doors will continue to open for you if you strive to have healthy, positive relationships with people, even when life brings changes your way.

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