Lessons from Children’s Books

This month we’re celebrating the birth and life of two amazing men: Richard Scarry and Eric Carle.  These two men were/are two of children’s book artists who have captivated the hearts and minds of children everywhere.  Not only are their books entertaining (and educating) for children, there are several things we adults can learn from them about understanding, loving and nurturing the kids in our lives.

Love color:  both of these men show a passion for color in their work.  From beautifully colored butterflies to gorillas in bright banana cars, there’s no lack of color in the stories.  Color is important because it adds dimension to the world and helps kids bring their imagination to life.

Be creative:  kids love to stretch their minds and reach for things that we adults can’t imagine.  The creativity presented in Scarry and Carle’s books excites kid’s brain cells, simply because you’re looking at not just an animal, but an animal with a heart, life and sometimes a conscience.

Simple is good:  there’s very little in Scarry and Carle’s books that’s complicated.  Yes, their books do include beautiful details, but they’re not complicated details.  It’s hours of fun and discovery.

Learning is fun:  growing up I remember being excited every time my mom brought out a book by Scarry or Carle.  These authors with their cute drawings and passion for exploring life always captured my wandering mind.  It didn’t seem weird or boring to learn about faraway countries or different lessons in life, rather it was interesting.

Animals are awesome:  yes, I love animals!  Not only do their books teach a love and respect for animals, the lessons the animals experience are totally relate-able to kids and their parents.

Who are some of your favorite children’s authors and what lessons have you learned from reading with your kids?

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