Getting to Success

Last week a leader in the business industry, Seth Godin, celebrated a milestone: 5000 blog posts.  That’s a lot of writing.  Today I thought we’d take Mr. Godin as our inspiration and discuss how we too can be successful.

Consistency for the win.  You can’t get to 5000 blog posts if you don’t write a lot.  You also can’t become a multi-best selling author if you don’t keep writing.  You can’t become a much desired speaker if you don’t keep speaking.  You can’t make the best cupcakes in the world if you don’t keep practicing.  When people know you’re reliable and consistently good, they’ll come back for more.

Know your stuff.  Seth Godin doesn’t talk about aquariums, he talks about life and marketing, two topics he knows a lot about.  It’s evident when you read his writings he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s got the proof to back it up.  His successful companies are evidence enough that what Seth Godin knows works.

Win some, lose some.  When you’re as big as Seth Godin, you accept that you can’t please everyone, or even resonate with everyone all the time.  Nor should you.  You can’t be all things to all people.  Accept that the people you’re most supposed to help will find you at the time they need you.

Do what you love.  It’s evident after reading many of his writings that Seth Godin has a passion for what he does, and for sharing his insights and perspective with people.  It doesn’t come across like a chore for him to churn out all these blog posts and books, rather, he seems to enjoy it as much as the readers do.

There are few things in life these days, it seems, that last.  Not many TV shows make it to 100 episodes anymore, and it’s hard to find marriages that last 50+ too, let alone to stay in the same business or the same job for more than a few years.  It’s OK to passionately embrace all that life sends your way, but make sure that you give it your all, however you choose to live.  A life not well lived is not a life at all.

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