On Being a Father

This week being the week that leads up to Father’s Day this Sunday in the USA, I was looking for a fresh perspective to share with you on being a father, so I asked a friend who is a dad for his thoughts on Father’s Day.  His answer was that for him, Father’s Day is all about his kids.

Of course, he’s absolutely right.  Without kids (literal or figurative), you’re not able to experience this celebration as others do.  So often we take Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and make it all about the parent, which we should.  It’s important to celebrate them for who they are.  These people have chosen to devote years of their lives to raising our future.  But this year, instead of putting your feet up and letting everyone celebrate you, what if you spent the day celebrating with your kids?

What if you spent the day letting your kids dictate the schedule, instead of your smartphone?  What if you played the games they wanted to or read books with them?  What if just you and the kids went out for ice cream?  What if you let the kid in you out for a little while and enjoyed their free attitudes and joy?

What if this Father’s Day you decided to be the best father you could be?  I’ve known some great dads, and some that had lots of room for improvement, and of course there are the dads who aren’t present at all.  What if this was the year you decided that you want your kids to become the best they possibly can?  It won’t be easy, but all of our futures are depending on your kids.  Some will turn out well in spite of what you’ve done, others will turn out well because of what you’ve done.  I hope that you’re the type of parent to choose the latter.  Set a good example for your kids this Father’s Day by just being there for them and loving them.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, they’ll be happy to fill you in.

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