Successful Summers

Summer is officially here, and for some business owners, it’s the slow season.  People leave and spend time in other locations, they go on vacations and some areas empty out.  Of course some businesses’ busy season is the summer, and they look forward to the influx of customers and people interested in learning more about their corner of the world.  If you’re not a “summer” business, you may struggle to make ends meet, or find yourself with lots of free time.  If this is you, I’ve got some ideas about how you can make this summer a successful one for your business.

1-offer something new.  Yes, add something special for the summer only.  Partner with a local high school and offer computer classes at your tech store.  Add special summer-esque merchandise to your shelves.  Source local produce and other products to add to your menu.   It’s also a great time to add to on your online offers, since the internet never closes.  Take advantage of the other abundances that summer offers.

2-clean up.  Yes, I’m serious.  Take advantage of the off-season and close for a week to do a deep cleaning on your store.  Make the changes on your website that you’ve been meaning to make (or get a website in the first place!).  For most businesses, a bright, clean, warm location encourages customers to come back and makes them feel welcome.  Also take time to clean up your offerings.  Get rid of things that aren’t serving your business and make room for things that do serve your customers.

3-learn.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  While the crowds are away, both you and your employees should take the time to get in extra training.  Hire a customer expert to come in and work with yourself and your employees on how to better treat and excite customers.  Send the employees away to a local college for some extra classes in your industry.  Sponsor a field trip to a similar business, or any thriving business, where your employees could learn some things.  Do in-house work with your employees and make sure that they’re taking care of your customers.

This summer get a new perspective on your business, and refresh yourself for the fall season.  What will you do to make this summer a success?

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