Simple Leadership

This month we’re talking about simplicity and the different ways it can be incorporated into our businesses and families.  Today I though I would share 10 ways you can be a better leader.  While these things may seem simple, maybe even insignificant, they’re very important to your success as a leader.  Also, while they may seem simple, they’re not always simple to implement and make effective.

1-leaders make other leaders, not just followers.  All leaders need people who follow them, otherwise they can’t be a leader.  But leaders who aren’t just leading to lead, but are leading with an eye to the future, are intentionally creating leaders and those who can pick up the task after them.

2-leaders give credit when it’s due, and support when it’s needed.  Leaders know that they can’t, and shouldn’t, try to accomplish stuff by themselves.  When you work with others it’s important to not only recognize the good work that people do, but also provide them with the tools and encouragement to keep doing a good job.

3-leaders have big visions and take steps to accomplish them.  Leaders aren’t like those of us who sit around dreaming about big things and going places.  Leaders take those dreams and put them into action.  They make step-by-step plans for how they can accomplish their dreams.

4-leaders build a diverse team, not just people like themselves.  In order to be truly successful, you can’t have all of the same teammates.  Think about a football team with all kickers or quarterbacks.  Or a relay Triathlon team with only swimmers.  Likewise, you can’t accomplish the same results with all accountants, or all pastors.  You’ve got to have a bunch of different people with different talents to succeed well.

5-leaders are willing to get down and dirt with their team and followers.  While you may not see all good leaders in the trenches on a regular basis, you can be assured that they were there in the beginning, or would be willing to get down and dirty if it were needed.

6-leaders never stop learning or growing.  If you want to be a healthy and continuously successful leader, you have to keep learning.  The world doesn’t stop changing, so how could you stop learning?

7-leaders adapt.  As I just mentioned, the world keeps changing.  While your plans may be to become President of the USA, as you work in your campaign, you may discover that you’re better suited, or have more passion, for a different position.  Likewise, if you find that a product or service you’re offering isn’t selling as well as it could, be open to tweaking what you’re offering.

8-leaders communicate.  A huge part of being a good leader is knowing how to effectively communicate with people, both through what you say and being open to listening.   If you don’t tell others what the next step is and what the big goal is, they won’t feel excited and want to get on board.  Also, if you don’t listen to people, you could train-wreck your whole organization when a little listening could have averted disaster.

9-leaders put others first.  Even though you’re the leader and directing the charge, that doesn’t mean that you run roughshod over people or ignore the people following you.  Very few selfish leadership plans succeed, whereas those that are based on a greater good and a win-win-win situation gain lots of support and motion.    You won’t win without your team.

10-leaders celebrate.  This is the best part!  It’s important to recognize the good work everyone does, and celebrate the work that has been done.  It’s also good to sometimes just celebrate being alive!  Everyone needs to celebrate throughout the journey to keep spirits up and the task moving.

What are your thoughts on the simple things of leadership that really make a difference?

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