Simple Marketing

Today, our “simple” topic is marketing.  Of course, there are lots of complexities to marketing, and everyone has a little different perspective on what it is and what’s important, and what is important may vary from company to company.  But there are a few things that are universal across the board for us to recognize in our marketing.

1-you’re marketing to people.  So many marketers and business owners forget that first and foremost they’re dealing with people.  I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it thousands more times, no matter what you sell, you’re selling to a person.  Don’t create ads that dogs would appreciate, don’t show your ads to fish, don’t plan for robots to buy your stuff.  You’ll waste your marketing dollars and time.

2-you must respect your audience.  Yes, there are some dumb people out there, I’ve met a bunch, and I’ve had the occasional dumb moment.  Regardless of how unintellectual you believe your audience is, treating them like they’re two won’t get you any sales, nor will ignoring them, screaming curses at them or bashing them over the head repeatedly with your offers. Be courteous and professional, and most of your customers will do the same.

3-if you don’t ask them, they won’t buy.  As silly as this seems, if you don’t tell your people what you’re marketing, how will they know to buy?  Also, there has to be an active request for a sale for people to do more than just click “like” or laugh at your TV ad.

4-most people need to be reminded of you.  Let’s face it: we’re all busier today in 2013 than we ever have been before.  There are more and more things each day competing for our attention.  As a result it’s important to establish ways to repeatedly connect with customers so they can be reminded of you, like through social media, a blog or a newsletter.

What other simple tips do you have about marketing?  Click the “comment” button below to share your tips.

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