Simply Seeing Good

“The best things in life are nearest…” Robert Louis Stevenson

This month we’re talking about the simple things of life.  Many of us don’t take the time to appreciate what we have, which includes the people in our lives, especially our family.  It’s super easy to pass them off as unimportant or not recognize how awesome they are because they’re so common and regular in our lives.  Yes, because we spend so much time with them it’s very easy to just focus on their less-than-endearing qualities, but what you need to first understand is why you focus on those qualities.  If you don’t approach life and your relationships acknowledging that first and foremost no one is perfect, second that people change, and third that it’s important to look for and encourage the best in someone, you’ll be pretty miserable in many, if not all, of your relationships.

I haven’t met too many people that I couldn’t find potential in.  Maybe they’ve chosen to be miserable or run their lives into the ground, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see what they could be doing with their lives, or the person they could be.  Everyone has bad days, it’s part of the human journey.  But if you’re actively choosing to live every moment as miserably as possible, either by choosing not to move on or choosing things that you know aren’t right for you, nothing anyone could do or say will matter.

What you get from life and your relationships is up to your perspective.  If you choose to look for the good you will find it.  That doesn’t mean you won’t be smacked by the bad stuff occasionally, but it means that more often than not you’ll be actively trying to make healthy, positive, empowering relationships that are good for you and the other people involved.

It’s well documented that the people a kid is exposed to growing up will greatly impact who they will be when they grow up, as well as the choices they make in life.  They may not have a choice about you being in their lives, but you do have a choice about the person you are in their lives.

I encourage you to look for the good in those closest to you.  If you can’t find anything, ask a friend or a relationship/life coach.  If they can’t show you the good in those closest to you, it’s time for new people in your life.  But chances are good, you’re just too close to these people to recognize just how amazing they are anymore.


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