Simple Business

In continuing our look at the simple side of business this week we’re talking about some of the overarching topics when it comes to business.

The Customer is Your First Priority: if you want your business to be successful you have to have customers.  Without customers you can’t make money and will not succeed.  This means that what you offer has to be something potential customers want, and you have to do your very best to make your customers happy.  If you don’t have a product someone wants, there’s no way you can provide it to them but you can make your best alternative suggestions for what you do offer and at the absolute worst recommend another company or individual that could provide them with what they’re seeking.

Your staff must be professional and helpful: this includes you!  If neither you nor any staff  you may have is anything but grumpy, greedy, rude, inconsiderate or unhelpful you won’t be in business long.  You and your team need to have the information about the products and services offered to be able to answer most questions immediately, and all questions within a reasonable amount of time (depending on the service).  Unprofessionalism will not get you repeat business, and if negative word spreads you won’t even get first time business.

Offer something that actually has value:  it’s my personal opinion that most “online systems” offer very little value to anyone.  I believe that it’s possible for everyone to offer a service or product that actually has guaranteed value to the customer.  You’ll feel better about offering something of quality, and so will your customers.

Be able to grow: if you only plan to be in business for a year or so this point won’t matter to you.  But if you plan to actually make a career out of your business, or transfer ownership to someone else at some point in time, this matters.  You need to have a plan for how your business will grow, such as adding more products or services or franchising without breaking the branding and nature of your business.  If there’s no room for growth, there’s almost no chance of long-term success.

What do you see as the foundation of business?

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