Simple Change

We do a good job as business owners and people in making things complicated.  Sometimes complicated is good, but often it’s more trouble (and work) than it’s worth.  We are especially good at resisting change.  I know change can be scary and I know change can be hard, but I hope to help ease your mind on why change is essential in business (and why you’re losing business by not changing).

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: yes, sometimes change is the wrong thing.  Sometimes the worst thing you can do is change things.  In my experience however, that’s not usually the case.  Usually change is so far overdue we’re in bigger trouble than we had to be.  But since we’re stubborn people and have to learn our lessons, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Why do we need change, especially if not all change is an improvement?  There’s something about the basic essence of who we are, that as much as we love the status quo and feeling safe, most of us have a bigger drive to discover, explore, learn and grow.  And once we’ve succumbed to that drive we can never undiscover or unlearn it, it’s part of who we are no matter how much we deny it.   For our businesses, without change, we’d have overflowing garbage cans, would still do all marketing by word of mouth (or the pony express), and wouldn’t dream of impacting the whole world.   So, if we’re accepting change as necessary, what can you do as a business to make change a more normal, healthy occurrence in your business?

1-get into the habit of updating things regularly, preferably on a weekly or monthly basis, some businesses may even require change on a daily basis.  By making change a normal and expected thing you’ll be more used to little changes and be better able to roll with big changes that happen or need to happen.

2-make room for change.  Don’t back yourself or your employees into a corner.  While some structure and rules are important, not giving yourself or your employees any room to help irate customers or meet special requests is a mistake.

3-have a mission or vision that helps you decide what changes are appropriate for the business.  When changes do come along it’s important to have some help in deciding whether to accept or skip the change, and a mission or vision for the company does that.

How do you deal with change in your business?

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