Simple Success

Today we wrap up our month-long look at simplicity.  I’ve enjoyed breaking things down for you, as well as really getting clear about some things in my own life.  Sometimes it’s necessary to really break things down and get to the heart of the matter.  Today, we’re going to talk about the 3 things it takes to be successful.  They’re really quite simple, yet can challenge us so much that we can get stuck in our tracks.

1-Have a goal.   If you don’t have a destination, a goal, a target outcome, it will be very challenging, and unlikely, that you’ll get to success.  You may discover that your success is achieved in different ways than you expected, but most people can’t get to success without some image of success in mind.

2-Have a plan.  Without a plan it’s like you’re trying to navigate a boat from NYC to England without a compass, directional technology or engine.  It’s almost impossible.  Your success is a lot like your marketing: if you don’t have a plan it’s not likely that anyone will connect with you and buy from you.  If they do it will be accidental.  Come up with a plan, with at least some details, for how you’re going to get to the goal you’ve got.

3-Take action.  This is key to making your goal a reality.  If you don’t take action, no matter how good your plans are you won’t get to your goals.  Take consistent action, take big steps and little steps, be bold and be confident, be courageous, be adventurous, be patient, but most of all get out there and get dirty.

I hope this inspires you to get out there and dream big dreams that bring you to big success.  What are your dreams?

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