Let’s Relax

We all live busy lives, which means it’s more important now than ever to schedule in (if necessary) time to relax and unwind.  So I thought today I’d give you some simple ways to relax alone, with your partner and your family.

-playdough (good to work out the frustration)

-painting (soothes the nerves)

-chalk on the driveway (you’re out in nature and getting creative)

-partners massage (who doesn’t like a good massage?!)

-bath or shower with candles (alone time was never so good)

-book quiet time for everyone (a book is a great way to relax and maybe learn something too)

-movie night (no scary stuff, remember we’re relaxing)

-get takeout for a picnic at a nearby park (nature, food and good company)

-candles/scents (our senses pick up on our surroundings and impact us)

-plants (help make fresh air and cheer up the space)

-sunlight (get outside and work on that tan!)

What are your favorite ways to relax?

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