Shining Bright

One of the things I remember most about my childhood was all the traveling we did and the beautiful places I was fortunate enough to see.  While we never left US soil, what I saw opened my eyes to the people and places that live around the world.  It’s probably one reason I love learning about culture and helping families and businesses establish healthier cultures.

One part of life, culture and history that never ceases to amaze me are lighthouses.  They’re these beautiful works of art, creations of man in a time when technology wasn’t what we have today yet they knew they needed the presence, and so they made it happen.  They’re very symbolic and practical at the same time.   I’m so intrigued by them that I share one from around the world each week on Google+.

So what’s the point of talking about lighthouses and what do they have to do with families?

1-they’re an important part of history.  Many lives would have been lost if not for the light of lighthouses.  In history we do often just focus on the battles and the death, but history only exists because people lived and worked, not because they died.

2-they represent safety, something that it’s essential for a child to learn, a family to create, and a relationship to sustain.  Despite our immersion in change and fast things, we still seek safety.  It’s part of who we are and not something we should ever try to leave behind, even though we need change in our lives.

3-they symbolically shine a light in the dark places.  You probably don’t have to go far to uncover some darkness in the world, whether it’s child prostitution, murder, stealing or hate speech.  As parents you’re not responsible to shelter your kids from every bad thing in this world, but rather to help them understand what they’re seeing when the light shines on the darkness.

Just like the lighthouses we’ve got the ability to shine brightly into the lives and hearts of others.  We can share our perspective with them helping to open their perspective and expose them to the amazing things that happen in the past and present.  What parts of history and culture amaze you?

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