Hope for Leadership

We continue our month long discussion on why I have hope for the business world today as we talk about leadership.  The simple fact is our businesses will be made or broken depending on the leadership abilities of the people who run them.  It’s unfortunate how many poor leaders are still in positions of power, ruining lives, hurting people and wasting valuable resources.  But the good news is that the people who have chosen to be good leaders are stepping up and coming forward to truly lead people.    Let’s take a look at what some leaders are doing today.

Leaders are taking action.  You’ve got people like Richard Branson stepping up in soup kitchens, countless businesses financially supporting veteran organizations and others joining Habitat for Humanity projects to help those in need.  Not to mention leaders being more proactive in their businesses and with their employees.

Leaders are being more honest and open.  We talked about this topic recently, but it bears mentioning again that true leaders are more willing than ever to be honest and open.  For example, Robin Sharma shared about having a victim-free company and Tad Hargrave discussed his financial situation.  You can’t win people’s trust if you’re not honest about who you are, what’s going on and what you believe.

Employees are demanding more responsible leaders, and leaders are responding.  This is one of the most important things because it indicates that the leaders we have today are willing to listen to their people.  If they aren’t, they’re quickly learning that their valued (or not so valued) employees will leave them in search of leaders who will encourage and value them.

So what can you do to be a better leader?  You can act visibly and smartly within your company, treat your employees and customers like humans (not mindless checker pieces), and you can create a healthy and open atmosphere within your business.  Your leadership title isn’t like the piece of paper you got even though you graduated college by the skin of your teeth.  It’s a privilege and responsibility you’ve accepted to the people who will follow you.  Make sure you’re living up to that gift.

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