Back to School Success

If your kids haven’t gone back to school yet, it’s just about here!  Today I thought I would share a few suggestions on how you can make this year their best year yet.

Rest-the summer is often a time when kids get lots of rest and relaxation. Yes, they’ve still got activities and you still go places, but there’s a lot more down time for them.  While schedules do get busier in the fall, it’s important to make sure your kids still have time to rest and recover each day and week.  It’s not easy doing all that learning!

Homework-homework is the education system’s way of making school last just that much longer and stress kids (and parents) that much more, but it’s important that they do grasp and learn the concepts.  Take time to help your kids with their homework or make sure they get the help they need to really learn and understand what they’re being taught.  If you can make it fun or more interesting for them, do so!

Outdoor Time-whether you encourage your kids to get involved in a school or town sport, getting outside just about every day for fresh air is important.  Fresh air helps kids focus and rejuvenate (it’s good for us adults too!).  On weekends plan time outside together especially while the weather is still nice and go on a hike or visit an apple orchard.

Good Food-when you power the body with the right kind of energy it runs better.  Make sure that your kids have some healthy foods with them each day and always encourage them (no matter what their friends say) to eat the healthy foods they like.  If you make the treats that they see their friends having a normal yet minimal part of their weekly routine you’ll get fewer protests over what else you’re feeding them.

Lots of Love-ultimately, no matter how well you try to take care of the external stuff, the most important thing to care for is their hearts.  School is always challenging, people will always say things they didn’t mean and everyone gets stressed once in a while.  No matter how well or poorly your kids do in school your ultimate job is to show them they’re loved no matter how much they do or don’t succeed, not matter if they strive for goals you put before them or they choose.

What will you do to help your kids have their best year yet?

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