The Business of Education

Everywhere you look people are talking about going back to school.  As a business, it’s a hot topic that affects most of the population, if for no other reason than being stuck in traffic waiting for people to turn into the local school to drop off or pick up kids (amazing how schools are always on those busy roads, right?!).   So besides offering traditional “back to school” discounts like the rest of the business world, today I’ve got a few ideas for you to try out.

Food service: if you’re in the food industry you should be taking advantage of the crazy schedule and food needs people have.  Have a ready-made dinner service people could sign up for as little as one day a week, offer ready made good food lunches, and even connect with local teams and schools and ask what you can do to support them for a reasonable fee.

Child Services: there’s a big demand for childcare as well as tutoring during the school year, and usually a pretty good offering of traditional services.  Try offering something less traditional like book club, LEGO/Pokemon/Transformers/Skylanders group, acting classes, bake club or music jam sessions.  Parents and kids both want something different from the traditional offerings.

Business services: your job is to help those who offer child and school related services the wisdom you have that they certainly don’t.  Many of those who work with children just love to work with kids and don’t know the first thing about running a business in 2013, and I would guess that over half don’t have a website, newsletter or social sites.

One of the big needs in the world is for teachers to get the support they need.  They’re often under-appreciated, underpaid, and without the support that would make their jobs easier.  They support the kids and their parents, but who supports the teachers?  Most teachers are great people, those who don’t seem that way have gotten the short end of the stick too many times.  What are some services or products that would support the teachers?  Share your ideas in the comments so we can all work together to support and thank our teachers.

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