Next Generation Responsibility

“Whether or not you have children yourself, you are a parent to the next generation.  If we can only stop thinking of children as individual property and think of them as the next generation, then we can realize we all have a role to play.”  Charlotte Davis Kasl

This month’s topic is, as you may have guessed, responsibility.  It’s a big topic, one that many people shy away from.  It’s easy to blame other people, and there are always circumstances outside our control.  But at some point in time we have to either choose to be prepared for the unpredictable or let it take over our lives.  One area that’s almost synonymous with responsibility is children.  Children are our next generation.  They’re responsible for where the world we create goes, and we’re responsible for the world they have to work with.

Unfortunately in recent conversations I’ve talked with people who have witnessed not so stellar parenting.  It’s tough for them (they’re parents too) to see what some of the current 25-45 generation is doing (or in these cases not doing) as parents.  It’s understandable that some things will change generationally, but it’s not understandable that the basics of parenting would completely fall by the wayside or be ignored.

When we choose to be irresponsible in our own lives whether we want to or not we’re affecting those around us including the next generation.   When kids see adults behaving irresponsibly they learn from that.  Whether they choose to accept the behavior as right or wrong may depend on how many times they’ve seen that action, as well as how their parents and others they see as dependable individuals react to that behavior.

We each have a choice in how responsible for our lives we want to be.  If you can’t accept the reasons of a personally improved life as just cause to live more responsibly, let the knowledge that your irresponsibility could be the reason the next generation ends up miserable be encouragement to be more responsible.  It’s important that kids know no one is expected to be perfect, and that’s not what I’m suggesting.  Instead, what I’m advocating is that we all step up and take responsibility for our lives as well as the impact we can have on those around us.  Will you join me in stepping up for ourselves and the next generation?

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