Making Peace

One thing that’s missing in most homes is peace.  We’ve let our lives get so cluttered by the stuff that we are blessed with in 2013, stuff which is admittedly often cool.  We’re living in a time when many people have what they need, and can get what they don’t have.  Yet we still have struggles in our lives, so at some time it must be acknowledged that the possessions don’t bring us the peace that we thought they could.  It’s not impossible to find peace in this life, but it, like most good things, takes time and effort.

Make the effort: we live in a world of instant things, instant food, instant movies, instant knowledge, so it’s not surprising that we often struggle with the concept of things taking time.  In the situation of making peace at home, the extra effort is not only worth it, it’s necessary.  You and your partner, you and your kids, no one will have peace if you’re all ignoring each other or so overbooked that you don’t have time for real relationships.

Make the time: a good relationship takes time to develop, and time to be kept solid.  It’s been said that you’re a reflection of the people you spend the most time with, and your relationships will prove how you spend your time.  While you may not see a relationship with your work, it will be evident that that’s how you’ve chosen to spend your time if your other relationships are falling apart.  I understand that some people are difficult, really I do.  But what most people don’t understand is that with effort and time those relationships could be significantly improved in most cases.

If we really want to be our best, be successful and have less war, fighting and unhappiness in our lives, it has to start in our homes.  Unhappiness there spills over into the other areas of our lives poisoning them too.    To get started bringing peace into your home it has to start with each of us realizing where we’re screwing up.  Once we’ve accepted our responsibility and role in creating discord, we can apologize and being righting our actions and attitudes to create the foundation for peace.  Will you join me in bringing peace to homes and relationships around the world?


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