The Challenge of Change

We’ve reached a new month, the third to last month in the year!  Can you believe it?!  If you haven’t met your business goals, or just don’t feel like this year has gone as you’ve wanted, you do have 3 months left to make the most of.  This month, our theme will be change.  It’s a challenging topic, one that brings up a lot of emotions and often creates dissension between people.  Today though I want to focus on something that really stirs the pot: changes in leadership.

We all know what happens when a boss is let go, passes the baton of leadership to someone else or another leader is hired: people are challenged to either follow the new leader, leave with the old leader or be miserable.  No, it’s never easy when your boss is caught doing something illegal or is asked to leave for personal reasons.  One of the worst situations are when a leader is asked to leave based on an unrelated situation.  But it happens, and it happens more often than we would like to realize.  Because it is still so prevalent, it’s one reason I so strongly and repeatedly emphasize the need for excellence, openness, honesty, and communication in all areas of business.

If you’re one of those leaders who has been cut because you were caught being bad, it serves you right. If you’re a leader who was cut for irrelevant reasons or without reason, you’re probably better off without them and now have a chance to move on where your gifts and talents will be appreciated.  If you’re remaining as the leadership in this business you’ve got to be prepared for the inevitable upset among employees and clients.  You’ve got to be prepared with answers and a plan for healing and moving on.

The biggest challenge with leadership changes are how the business will move forward without that leader.  Some businesses are designed around a particular leader and almost require them to exist, other businesses don’t really have a figurehead individual whom the public considers essential to the brand.  New leadership can bring fresh focus to the business, or it can totally change things.

As business owners we’ve got a lot of responsibility to deal with, responsibility each of us chose when we decided to open a business rather than get a job.  We all have to be prepared for changes in the business, and one of the best ways is by having a disaster or “what if” plan ready so that someone else could fill in our position, or another position, if the situation arose.

How do you approach change in your business?


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