Business Holiday Style

Yes, Halloween is a few short weeks away which always begins that 2 month period of constant holiday talk.  Time to buy presents, catch up with old friends, attend bad work parties and write up wish lists.  It’s also the time that many businesses make a lot of money.  Which means lots of pressure from consumers to have the “must have” items and always popular items in the right sizes.  What does it mean for business owners?

1-take advantage of it.  Yes, I really just suggested you stick some holiday decorations up and get on the bandwagon.  Why?  Because people are in the festive spirit and want to surround themselves with others who are as well.  It’s a chance for you to breathe some fresh life into your business by adding some special holiday themed options as well.  Food places can think along the lines of gingerbread, pumpkin and candy canes as well as seasonal produce, service providers can offer holiday themed options (clean up for the in-laws, website updates for seasonal offerings etc.), and those who sell products can offer additional merchandise with holiday themes.

2-stay professional.  It goes a bit overboard to dress as Santa or Mrs. Clause on a regular basis for most businesses, as well as dressing every corner of your store or website with only holiday items.  People still need regular services and products during these times so the items and services you offer should remain the same high quality you’re committed to during the rest of the year, don’t lower your standards just to fit in.

3-give back.  Yes, put a little donation box at the counter, post a sign that you’re donating to a particular charity a percentage of your holiday sales, offer discounts to assist those who really need your services but can’t afford them and be extra focused on providing good customer service.  With the busyness, pressures and the commitments people have at these times of year it’s even easier for them to get frustrated and contact you for help.  Go to work each day with an extra measure of patience knowing that you’ll make someone’s holiday day brighter.

How will you participate in the holidays this year in your business?  Share your ideas in the comments.

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