Change and Happiness

Are you happy today? How many days would you say each week you are happy?  If you were to take a look at the news headlines and numbers of people on depression and other drugs, you might think there are no happy people in the world.  I can’t disagree that it’s nice to be happy.  Those warm fuzzy feelings that you have (especially around the holidays or special occasions) are awesome!  I love those really special moments that you know you’ll remember forever.  One thing that doesn’t bring up warm fuzzy feelings is the thought of change, right?  I mean most people hear the word change and either cringe or run in the opposite direction.  Most people don’t jump up and down for joy.  But what if change was the way to happiness?

What if by changing a few little things in your life you could be significantly happier?  Would you do it?

Of course the little things that need to change are no stranger to most people, they are in the categories of health, relationships, and finance.  Yet most people steer clear of these changes until change is forced upon them.  Here are 3 simple things for each you can do to simply be happier.

Health: eat more veggies (no, ketchup and potato chips don’t count), spend more time in nature relaxing, and exercise.

Relationships: communicate more often and clearer, do one thing each day that makes your partner happy, and be honest with each other about fears and issues/challenges/dislikes/unhappiness.

Finance: pay your bills on time each month, have a plan in action for saving for the future as well as emergencies, and follow a responsible budget.

These may sound really simple and really obvious.  And they are.  I’m not accusing you of being a baby or stupid, just stating facts: I know many people who don’t follow any or most of these simple things.  Yet if they did their lives would be much happier and freer.  Why?  They would feel better, look better, be more confident in their future and be more receptive to relationships and changes that happen in life.  Which ones will you incorporate into your life starting today?

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