Adopted with Love

November is Adoption Awareness month.  It’s a topic that warms some hearts and hurts others.  I’ve always been in favor of adoption, not for consideration on the topic of abortion, but the topic of love.  No matter how you came into this world, who your parents were, each and every child, each and every human even, needs to be loved.  Some people who become parents don’t feel they have the capacity to give their kids the love they need, but there are tons of other individuals and partners who would be thrilled to share love with a child.  Those who are loving parents, those who grew up with loving parents or those who grew up with loving, large families know a few secrets about the importance of love.

1-love grows.  Love isn’t something that gets smaller as you spread it, rather it grows.  Love doesn’t die, but other things in life can crowd in and we can change as people too.

2-love changes people.  Even the hardest and most cynical people’s lives can be dramatically transformed by something as simple as love. I’ve heard countless stories of people who have been changed because of the love someone showed them.

3-love inspires other good things.  When love starts at the home it can inspire many acts of kindness and love towards others.  It tends to soften people and make them more compassionate.  It doesn’t crush any sense of justice or rightness, just gives more understanding in situations and circumstances.

4-love brings people together.  As I mentioned on Wednesday, people don’t like Scrooges.  They prefer those who are happy, even a little realistic.

If you’ve got an adoption story, or one about how love changed your life I’d love for you to share it in the comments.  I also challenge you to love someone else.  It will be the best experience of your life and maybe theirs too.

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