Business Strengths

This month one of the topics we’re considering is strength.  When you chose to go into business for yourself you didn’t say “I have the hardest time with math, I think I’ll be an accountant.”  We don’t usually choose to do things that we’re not good at.  That’s not to say that you didn’t start your business based on something that was a weakness or a challenge in the past that you grew through and can now help others with.  Most of us start businesses on our strengths.  It’s certainly much easier to help someone with something you’re good at rather than something that frustrates you as much as it does them.  It’s also much easier to convince someone to buy if you’re confident that you can deliver what you’re selling. With that in mind, here are two tips on growing your business from your strengths:

Have a good team.  Even if you’re a solopreneur you should have people and systems around you that help you manage the business successfully.  Your team will make you far more successful than you could be if you tried to do everything by yourself.  Even a program like Hootsuite or a site like Facebook can dramatically free up your time from sharing a post when you want it published or doing endless networking events.  Having a VA or accountant helps you do the stuff that is most important and can only be done by you and let them take care of the stuff that isn’t part of your “genius zone”.  But your team shouldn’t be handling the same stuff you’re doing, that would be counterproductive.  Instead they should be doing the things that, while not maybe weaknesses, definitely aren’t strengths for you.

Learn what you need to.  You have to have a grasp of the financial aspect of your business, as well as how to work with customers.  If you can’t do these two things you won’t be as successful in business.  The good news is there are lots of people and courses that can teach you about these two things.  Knowledge is power, and while it’s not necessary to know everything, knowledge of people and money will definitely improve your ability to manage and grow your business.

I encourage you today to take a look at your business and make sure you are operating from your strengths and letting others operate from theirs.  It’s OK to give some guidelines for how clean you want the office or how often you want to review your accounting, but it’s not OK to tell them how to do their job down to the last I dotted and T crossed.  What can you do to be a better leader?

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