Bah Humbug Businesses

Yes, today we’re taking a look at Scrooge’s business practices and considering some of the business practices in today’s world that definitely could use a visit from a few ghosts.

1-being stingy with employees.  I totally agree that if and when possible money should be saved.  I’m not a big believer in frivolous spending, but I do believe that it’s essential to properly reward those who work for you, especially if they go above and beyond.  It’s not just about making sure they’re (relatively) comfortable at work, but letting them know you know they’re more than just employees, they’re people with lives and families too.

2-reputation.  Scrooge’s business with his 2 dead business partners wasn’t known for being the friendliest or most caring.  In the past 20 years or so we’ve seen many businesses with decent reputations only to eventually discover that they were really fronts and stole lots of money.  In today’s world businesses with not so nice business practices and reputations don’t make it long, or are vehemently protested.

3-charitible giving.  Scrooge learned what it meant to contribute with charity to the community, and more businesses today are being built with charitable giving written right into the business plan.  Giving has always been part of who I am as a person and business, I don’t believe that we can pretend that we’re not part of a community.  You can’t sell to anyone if there isn’t a community literally or figuratively around you.

4-(holiday) spirit. Scrooge got a surprising awakening when he learned that people liked to have fun and enjoyed spending time in each other’s company.  But that’s not just a social practice, it’s a business one too.  When we hire or keep individuals who interact with paying customers or potential customers in ways that are rude, dismissive or belittling, we’re doing our business a great disservice.  No customer wants to be treated as a 2 year old, and while you don’t have any control over how the customers act, you do have some say in how you and your employees act.

This holiday season, I encourage you to learn from Scrooge’s lessons and apply them to your business.  Don’t just apply them for the holiday season, or take them out once a year, they’re practices that should be in place all year long.

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