A Season of Stress

December, ironically enough, is Stress Free Family Month.  So today I thought I would share 3 tips for easing the stress in your life.  They will take a little work to get into practice on, but once you’ve gotten into a rhythm you’ll find you’re all less stressed.

1-a calendar: I don’t know how many families I talk to that don’t use a calendar and wonder why their lives are crazy.  Not writing down commitments and plans means that other people don’t know and therefore can blame you when you expected them to remember something or be somewhere.  Yes, you can use an online or app calendar, but I also advise a physical one that everyone can write their stuff down on for all to see in a central location at the house.

2-weekly family meeting: yes, these can be painful.  It’s hard to convince the whole family to sit down at the same time and discuss the upcoming week.  But if you take just 30 minutes each week to sit down as a group and discuss what is on the calendar and schedule for each person that week and who will be responsible for transportation, who will be getting/making meals, when people are working, things people want to attend, projects coming up etc., rather than having issues mid-week with things you’ll be able to figure it all out ahead of time.

3-food: for this there are two suggestions.  First to make a meal list for dinners that upcoming week, and second to do all of the food shopping on one day, not a little bit each day as needed.  Yes, this takes time again to sit down and plan things out.  But taking the time to make a dinner menu schedule and a really good shopping list means that you’ll not be running all over getting supplies and you’ll not be feeding your family not so good dinners.  The first couple of weeks will be more difficult, but once you get the hang of not shopping each day and planning meals ahead you can ease a lot of stress.

What about you?  What are your tips for having less stress in your family?

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