The Story of Christmas

“Maybe don’t call it social media.  Maybe don’t call it anything.  Just be human and tell your story.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

These words by Gary Vaynerchuk, wine and marketing maven, reveal one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for business owners: our (social) story.  One of the easiest and smartest ways to connect with customers is to tell a story, a story that gets them emotionally and personally involved in what you’re doing and creates that connection with them that tells them you’re the right person to help them and they need to hand their credit card over immediately.  Of course, the biggest aspect of the story is the communication of it.  If you don’t tell the story, or don’t tell it well, you’re sunk.

One of the stories related around the world at this time of year is the story of Santa, or St. Nicholas.   On the subjects of stories, communication and St. Nicholas Kevin D. Hendricks said:

“We talk about marketing, strategy and communication plans. Those are all good and important. But communication has to be more than mere words. We don’t remember the words of St. Nicholas. His sermons didn’t inspire a tradition of giving, his actions did.  It was the extreme generosity of St. Nicholas’ actions that brought his story to life and captured the imagination of the world. So much of our December mania is rooted in his act of sacrificial giving. That’s one heck of a story.  A story requires plot, movement, action. It’s more than words.”

What story is your business telling people?  Are you telling people you’re a Scrooge? Is your “home” (aka office, website or store) shouting at people that you’re failing and don’t care?  Are you marketing the interest out of people?  Or are you being human and connecting with them on a personal level, telling them a story they’ll never forget?

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