Simple Smarts

“One of a leader’s most important roles is to boil down an organization’s many priorities and strategies into a simple plan, so that employees can remember it, internalize it and act on it. With clear goals and metrics, everyone can pull in the same direction, knowing how their work contributes to those goals.” Adam Bryant

I’ve been doing this business thing for a bunch of years now and I’m always amazed how many people go at it without a plan, or with all these complicated plans and strategies.  I’ve kept it very simple and achieved the level of success I desired.  By complicating things people give themselves excuses to not do the work, not do it well, or just do something hoping it’s the right thing or will be good enough.  They’re good reasons why businesses close up shop or aren’t as successful as they could be.  However, to change this you have to change a few things in your business, things which Bryant alludes to.

First you need a plan.  You won’t get anywhere without a plan and goals in mind.  You can’t just have goals because without a plan on how to achieve those goals you’ll never get there.

Second, I’d really like to know who said business had to be complicated, because it’s just not the case.  The simpler and clearer you make things for people the easier it is for them to agree to buy or complete their tasks.

Third, no matter how simple the plan is, if there isn’t action taken the goal will not be reached.  The internet is a fabulous tool for learning and connecting, but unless you put into action what you learn you can’t make money.

Fourth, we all do need to work together.  When we all start working together we’re able to build a bigger and better future.  Rather than hoarding resources, when they’re readily available for use it’s easier to come up with solutions and get the job done.

What will you do this year to simply be more successful?


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