5 Relationship Rules for 2014

Today to help you get your relationships off to a good start in 2014, I have 5 rules/guidelines to share with you:

1-communciate more concisely and completely

2-complain less

3-date more

4-love more

5-forgive more

Of course there are many things that could make 2014 the best year of your relationship, but not only will applying these 5 rules in your relationship help you, they’ll overflow into other areas of your life.  When you and your partner practice better communication you’ll find you communicate better at work too (promotion anyone?!). When you complain less your friends will like you more.  When you date more your relationship will be more balanced and your kids will learn from others.  When you show your partner you love them more you’ll find that you see things in a different, better, light.  And when you forgive more you’ll feel lighter and better about your life.

Making any of these changes will be like going on a diet: it takes work.  You can’t just choose to give up complaining and expect that you’ll never complain again.  You have to be very attentive to what you’re saying and thinking if you want to give it up.  But the benefits of adopting these 5 rules in your life for 2014 are endless.  Even better, the only “expensive” one is the dating more, because you’ll probably have to pay a babysitter.  The rest are things you can do for free, without any tangible payments.

As I’ve already said, I want 2014 to be the year that you choose what’s best for you.  I want you to be in the relationship that is the healthiest for you, support your kids in ways they need as well as ways that grow you as a parent and set and accomplish goals this year.  What are your relationship goals for 2014?


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