The Business of Kindness

There are a lot of things that can make you successful, but 99% of the time hate isn’t one of them.  In fact, negative emotions like hate and anger usually repel people.  However, choosing to present a kind and welcoming attitude and face for your business can not only attract people to you, it can help bring them back over and over again.  No, I’m definitely not talking about the sickly-sweet or fake kindness that some people use.  That’s not effective in making friends, winning clients or running a business.  People don’t respond to falseness or lies.

On the other hand, the benefits of true kindness are endless: people like you, trust you, recommend you and return to you.  No, I don’t suggest you’re so kind that you get walked on, that won’t help you achieve success or the other goals of your business. There’s a line between being kind and being a pushover; being a pushover isn’t being kind to yourself or others.

Being kind in business means leaving the attitude at the door, not bringing your problems to work and choosing honesty and integrity in all work situations.  It means not cheating or doing deceptive marketing, not shorting your customers, and not treating your employees like animals.  It means contributing to the community, being respectful of employees and customers and your ultimate goal being to help people.

As those of us in the USA recognize Martin Luther King Jr. today I encourage you to remember that you can get a lot done with just words.  Choose words that will build your people and your business up, not tear it down.

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