Parenting with Love

“…your security is guaranteed through the sharing of your love.  The peace and safety for which you yearn is not a matter of food, clothing, and shelter. It is a matter of love. Love and be loved, and all else will be added unto you.”  Neale Donald Walsch

We’re a pretty insecure people.  We look in the mirror each day, and throughout the day when we pass reflective surfaces, we ask our friends how we look, and struggle with fears about why people like us.  Any parent you talk to will remark on the bullying and drug addictions of the younger generation.  It’s not easy to be a kid and they’re looking for escapes.  Not convinced?  Check out the news, there’s been a bunch of suicides of those who were bullied, not to mention those caught with drugs.

It’s not easy to be a parent, and there are only so many battles you can fight on behalf of your kids.  It’s not easy with the roller-coaster economy we’re in to not take the job offers that come your way even if they take you away from your family for extended periods of time.

It’s unfortunate that many of the insecurities we learn as children travel with us into adulthood.  We still wonder if we’re good enough at home, for our partner, at work, with our friends, as a contributor to society.

What if we all stopped dealing in and sharing judgements and started spreading love?  What if we did more than drop food and clothing off in third world countries and instead showed them love and how to do jobs that would provide for their families?  What if we gave monies to charities to help people not for the tax write-off we get?  What if instead of providing food stamps we taught people how they could make the money to pay for their own food?

What if the problem wasn’t providing the basics of food and clothing and security, but something more essential than that: love?

As we begin a new month tomorrow, the month of February also known as the love month, choose an area of your life that needs more love in it and focus on adding love to your life this month.

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