The Simple Answer

If you’ve been in the business game for any time you probably have talked about niching and what categories your products/services belong in and targeted marketing.  These are all important aspects of having a successful business, but sometimes there are things that have to be taken care of before you can get to the strategies and tactics.  Being a business consultant I’ve worked with a lot of business owners, and one thing that I’ve mentioned before and will mention again always gets me: people refuse to follow the simplest instructions and advice no matter how accurate or easy to do it is.  I’ve heard over and over “Yea, yea I know.  But please advise something that will really work for my business to engage my customers.”

You see what these people don’t realize is quite simple: you can’t get to the bigger and better until you fix what’s broken first.

Need a really simple example?  It would be like going into your client’s cafe or store, telling them they need to clean the trash off the floor and having them say “yea I know, but how do I get customers in the door?!”  The obvious answer is that you won’t get any customers in the door until you take care of the trash on the floor, but some people refuse to accept that it’s just that simple.

It’s not possible to please each and every customer you ever have.  It’s not possible to please every person on the planet, which is really a good thing because it spreads the work and wealth around. But what if it were just that simple to please more customers?  What if all it took was a daily Facebook post, taking out the trash more often, refreshing the menu, changing the staff’s outfits, or getting a simpler website?  If people keep telling you the same thing over and over you will get tired of hearing it, I understand that.  But what’s wrong with the answer being honestly simple?

This week I encourage you to take a good look at your business and stop putting off those simple things and just get them done.  You’ll be surprised what good things simple changes can bring about.

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