The Rules of Love

This month I hope we’ve tackled some of the things that challenge or discourage you about love.  It’s not an easy topic and has lots of sticking points that frustrate us to no end.  To finish out the month I want to talk about one last topic, one last challenge, that’s really a freedom about love.

Love isn’t about being a success or failure, it’s not about being right.  It’s about learning, growing, caring, and supporting. It’s about 2 or more people making the world a better place together.  But as many people have learned, you have to have the love to get to that better place, and when we put rules, restrictions and rock stars in line with those we could potential love, we ruin our chances for finding true love.

Love doesn’t have any predesignated rules.  It doesn’t say you can’t love a single dad and his kids, it doesn’t say you can’t love someone you just met.  When we start to put rules onto who we can and can’t love we hinder our own ability to find love.  When we say that we can’t find love is it because we aren’t trying or because we have too many rules set up about who we can and can’t be with?  It’s not a bad thing to have a few ideas about what you do and don’t want in a relationship (abuse should never be tolerated), but most of those rules should have lots of wiggle room to adjust for the imperfections and differences we all have.

When you truly open up to the possibilities of what love could be for you, love can become real.  When you accept that you don’t know everything you stand a chance of learning how powerful and amazing love can truly be, and you gain the opportunity to some day meet the person who makes your whole world light up.  What rules have you set up that are holding you back?

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