Let’s Accomplish it Together

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you.”  Wilma Rudolph

There’s a lot to talk about this month, but first I want to start with the perspective shared by Rudolph: alone we are little, together we are much.  If you want to bring this truth to the simplest terms it would be that neither you nor I would be here today without the parents who created us, either naturally or with assistance.   Without them you couldn’t make any accomplishments.  After that, if you didn’t have a good home life you probably had other people come up around you and support and encourage you.  Even now you’ve got help from the people who created the software, technology, equipment and other resources you’ve used to become a success.

It’s important, essential even, to celebrate the successes you’ve had.  It’s important to recognize the progress and what you’ve done.  But with your celebrations time needs to be taken to recognize the people who helped you get there, even if you don’t do it as publicly as they do on the Oscars or other award shows.  Remembering this and honoring them helps keep you humble and honest.  Not too many people like others who are self righteous and act all knowing.

Whether you’re the big CEO in all the papers or the little guy making the big CEO look good, we all have a role to play and without each other not much would get done.  We’re not all cut out to be CEO’s and not all of us can do the tasks that others could do without mistake in their sleep.

Not everyone will get the recognition they deserve.  It’s simply too overwhelming to begin to list all the people who have helped me get to where I am now.  But I take time every day to be thankful for them and ask God to bless them whether they know the role they’ve played in my life or not.

Where does it begin?  Simply with saying ‘thank you’ more often.  This week I do encourage you to express your thanks more often, but I also encourage you to reach out and ask for help.  Together we can accomplish more than each of us can separately.

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