Lessons from Women Leaders

This being Women’s History Month I thought we’d take a look at a few lessons that we can learn from some of the women leaders.

1-Women can do just about anything.  We’ve flown, we’ve ruled, we’ve created, we’ve invented.  There will be obstacles and you may be ahead of your time, but there’s very little you can’t do.

2-Be curious.  Just about every woman who is well known asks lots of questions, talks with lots of people, does lots of reading, attends seminars or tries new things.  You can’t become better if you don’t explore the world and discover what you don’t know.

3-It’s OK to be emotional.  Yes, this is something we get picked on for all the time.  It’s pretty much expected that we’re the more emotional person.  However, it does give us an edge over the men who just see things in black and white and can’t relate to the more human side of things.

4-Don’t be afraid to follow the (however old fashioned) rules.  You can be an amazing mother or caretaker and be a great leader.  Look at Mother Teresa, she was in charity work and took care of people yet she has always been highly regarded.

5-Age doesn’t matter. You can be a leader whether you’re 7, 17 or 70.  You just have to inspire those around you.

Women have been leaders for thousands of years, from the times of Ancient Egypt until now.  The one thing that hasn’t been conquered very well yet is the tendency to judge the failures of women very harshly.  For whatever reason our failures get us in big trouble and as a result the statement “that’s why women aren’t in leadership” still pops up.  It’s unfortunate and it will take time to get everyone to the point when failure isn’t the dirtiest word in the book for either men or women.

What lessons have women in leadership taught you?


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