Who Do You Care About?

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss

These painful words of wisdom reveal why things don’t change in our lives.  Sometimes we can make a difference simply by caring and others will pick up on that and start to care too.  Other times however, no matter how much we care and how much we do if the other person or people around us doesn’t care things can’t change too much.  But when many of us stop caring that’s when things get dangerous and start to fall apart.

If you and your partner have stopped caring for so long about each other and your relationship it’s natural to wake up one day and discover that you’ve both dramatically changed and there’s now this huge chasm between you of differences.  If you stop caring about your kids one day you’ll discover that they’ve fulfilled the fears you always had.  If you stop caring about your future one day you’ll discover your body is falling apart and you have no more dreams or drive.

You can change everything by caring.  Yes, it hurts like crazy when you first rip that band-aid of apathy and distance off and start to work on caring again, but until you take that first step to realize you’ve been emotionally dead things can’t change.  It won’t be easy but you can turn your life around and begin to have the life you wanted with some work.

If you don’t want things to improve keep doing what you’ve been doing.  But if you want something different for yourself, for the children in slavery around the world, for the business industry, for those without food, for those in poverty, for those warriors without hope, it’s up to each of us to start caring.  Who do you choose to care for?

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