Spring Stories

I’m super excited for spring this week!  Although there are lots of things that can make us sneeze in the air, I love waking up each day knowing that there will be some new sign of life outside to discover that day.  Just like each day there are new signs of life outside our windows and around our homes, each day should bring new signs of life into our lives.  We should see progress, improvement and hope in our lives each day.  We will have discouraging days but most days should encourage us and inspire us to keep going.

What I love about spring is that each new development has its own story, just like each of us have our own stories.  No two people are exactly alike, so no two stories can be alike.  Each day’s new growth on the plants, flowers bursting just a little more open, baby animals growing a little bigger, grass growing a little greener tells a story as old as time about how nature comes alive.  Little by little we see our world transform from the dull shades of grey, brown and white of the winter into the lush shades of pinks, greens and yellows.

However, the sad fact is that most of us miss the story each plant, each animal, each color tells.  We’re wrapped up in our little worlds.  This means we also miss the stories of the amazing people around us.  You never know what the people around you have going on in their lives.  You may be guilty of hanging out at a coffee shop just to hear the stuff other people are talking about. Oh the stories I’ve heard over the years!  I’m always amazed though when I hear the same stories coming from different people.  The relationship, family, work problems we each feel so captivated by are issues that other people around the world are having too.

I encourage you as spring is sprung around us to take time to listen to the people around you.  Discover what they have learned that you could learn from them.

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